About The Sparkle Project BC

The Sparkle Project BC is a movement that seeks to inspire and equip young girls to lead healthy, self-confident, and successful lives.

Born out of the country singer and entrepreneur Kristal Barrett-Stuart’s vision board workshop for girls, Sparkle is now a growing community of British Columbian entrepreneurs, artists, and public figures. The members of this community dream of a world where girls have the self-love and self-confidence to clearly identify their goals, pursue their passions, and plan for their own success.

The women of Sparkle are pooling their collective wisdom to create inspirational and practical resources for young women. These resources include a book entitled Sparkle: An Inspirational Handbook for Young Girls, a Barrett-Stuart-penned song called ‘Sparkle’, Sparkle merchandise, workshops across British Columbia, and much more.

Partial proceeds from all Sparkle activities will fund bursaries for young girls who need financial assistance to pursue their dreams.


About Kristal Barrett-Stuart

Kristal Barrett-Stuart is a country singer-songwriter, entrepreneur, public speaker, and founder of the Sparkle Project BC. Kristal explains that after she became a mother, ‘I looked into my daughter’s eyes and was taken back to my childhood, which evoked emotions of pain, loss, and low self-esteem…If my current self could speak to my teenage self, I would empower and nurture this young girl. While I can’t go back in time, I can help young girls today.’ Kristal’s simple but powerful vision of nurturing and empowering young girls is the heartbeat of the Sparkle movement. She leads women in distilling their most important life lessons into resources that can inspire and empower a new generation of female visionaries and leaders.