My 12-year old daughter Sierra has participated in Kristal’s vision board workshop. Sierra found the workshop to be creative, inspiring, and lots of fun. After the workshop, Sierra begun to focus on her future goals – which included researching various Universities that she would like to attend.

Lorinda Ramsay

My daughter attended Kristal’s workshop with a friend and they both had a fabulous time! My daughter has just entered high school and Kristal has been such a great role model for her. They share their love of singing country music and Kristal has such a good way of connecting with each girl on a personal level, that they really feel that she is their friend! At the workshop Kristal shared with the girls how to make a vision board and how important it is to have goals. At the end of the day I could see that my daughter had been truly inspired! She has her vision board on her wall in her room and talks about it often! I will be recommending Kristal’s workshop to all of my friends and family!!

Jimi Meier

Inspirational! She gave me confidence that I can achieve the goals I make. They are no longer ‘fairytales’ but achievable. She committed me to put my vision board on my wall so I will see it every day and work toward success.

Catriona G, age 11